About Diversity Reports by Drafted

We're on a mission to encourage greater transparency around diversity data. DiversityReports.org was built by the team at Drafted to make it easier to share, celebrate, and take action on diversity data.

What to Expect

At the heart of everything we do at Drafted is a desire to help companies be more intentional about team building and that includes increasing diversity. Being intentional starts with access to information. That’s why we created DiversityReports.org.

On DiversityReports.org you’ll find a collection of diversity data from companies of all sizes and across industries who have joined the movement to make their diversity data open. All the data shared on DiversityReports.org is either self-reported by companies or pulled directly from public diversity reports.

Want to help increase representation and join other companies showcasing their data on Diversity Reports? Take our diversity survey to add your org!

How it works

To share your org’s diversity data on DiversityReports.org, simply:

1. Fill out our diversity survey.
When you fill out the survey and opt to share your org’s data, we’ll create a public profile for you on DiversityReports.org. Take me to the survey ->

2. Provide as much info as you have.

In the survey, we’ll ask you questions about all sorts of things, including: gender, race, sexual orientation, geography, age, education, disability, and veteran status. We know you may not have all the data we ask for, so feel free to skip questions you don't have data for!

3. Agree to share your data.

Once you complete the survey, you can opt to share your data. If you opt in, we’ll add your company’s data to DiversityReports.org so others can check it out. Opting in will also help you easily compare your data to other orgs. If you don’t opt in, we’ll only include your data in the aggregate view.

4. Still need to collect diversity data from your org?

Make a copy of our diversity survey template to get a pulse on these metrics. Take me to the template ->

Have Questions?

Here are some we get asked all the time.

Is DiversityReports.org free?

Are you selling my data?
No. We’re only collecting your email so we can send you a copy of your responses to the diversity survey. That’s it!

Can I delete my data?
‍Yes. For now, you’ll have to just chat us and ask for it, but we’re working on making this a bit more turnkey in the future.

What happens if I want to report multiple years of data?
The easiest way to report multiple years of data is add a URL for that year’s diversity report. You can also fill out the survey as many times as you’d like and just change the year you’re reporting for.

People define metrics differently across companies. How do you decide what gets included, where?
Check out our definitions pages to see how we bucket things by category: gender, race, sexual orientation, geography, age, other.

Can I access the aggregate data?
Sure! Check out the list view for each section. You can easily download a CSV of the data and do your own analysis.

Where do I send feedback?
We’re always looking for ways to make this better. Send us a note at contact@drafted.us. We’d love to hear from you.

Want more?
Here’s our company about page.